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A small, funny kid named Hilly Willie lives at the South pole. He has an incredibly restless character. Every day he is ready to go to all sorts of exciting adventures that will bring him new knowledge, help to meet interesting people. Tiny, harmless penguin never stops before any dangers and difficult situations. He is happy to come to the rescue of any friend. The Chilli Willy never discouraged, happily compounded of those around him with his funny antics.however, the penguin has one eternal opponent. Severe polar Explorer, living with him in the neighborhood. Chilli Willy daily visits him. The little one tries to make friends with the polar Explorer, but he is quite categorical. Tola penguin began to choose such moments that the harsh neighbor was not at home. After all, the home of the polar Explorer is not only always cozy and warm, but also full of all sorts of Goodies. As a kid to deny yourself the pleasure once again to eat strange dishes, and just to pay an unexpected visit to a neighbor. This is sure to bring the baby new troubles, but how much fun to survive the penguin after the polar Explorer finds him in his house. For this you can venture into a risky venture.

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