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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Brave eskimo named Theo decides to leave his home in the Arctic to go on a long journey and meet with world leaders. He arrives in new York with one goal: to tell the world about the catastrophic consequences that await our planet, if people do not start to care about the environment. Theo believes that global warming will soon lead to irreversible consequences, and if it is not stopped, humanity will disappear from the face of the Earth forever. The hero has never been in a big city, so it does not know how to behave and where to go to be heard. On one of the streets of the metropolis strangely dressed man sees a young homeless Chloe, who, hearing an unusual story of his new friend, decides to help him. The girl and her friends begin to help Theo in his difficult task, because he has only an important mission, but how to perform it, he does not know. Purposeful Chloe is confident in the correctness of this case, so with great enthusiasm begins to help the eskimo. Together they develop a plan, and if it can be implemented, it will soon be sad, but the true story of Theo will hear all the people. Heroes do not have any resources or connections, but it will not prevent them to change the world for the better.

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