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Hideki Motosuwa is a normal 18-year old who makes himself in a not too distant future seemingly on his way to Tokyo to prepare for the entrance exam at the university. Once in the city, he is immediately fascinated by the variety of ubiquitous there Persocons, but the most useful computer in human or animal form have their price and are completely prohibitive for a budding students. But fate, it seems good to my with the young man from the provinces, because already on his first night in the big city is a very attractive Hideki copy in the trash and takes it with him to his home. There happens something very strange: Although the Persocon seems to have no operating system, he suddenly begins to move, "Chii" is alive and proves after a visit with the young Persoconspezialisten Minoru and some teething problems in addition also be extremely trainable. But what is the reason for Chiis mysterious memory loss? Is she one of the legendary Chobits? perhaps really comes it from this legendary series of Persocons who think for themselves and feel? Hideki is clueless. Will he be able to get his academic and financial problems under control and at the same time to solve the mystery to Chiis identity?

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