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Not all losers, as a child skipping school, go to work at a local branch of"McDonald's", some of them are waiting for a much more amusing fate. The main characters of the presented series, who are not too active in learning science, grew up and went to the Barber shop. Here they have fun, although not all the guys dreamed of such a future. Quiet life in Charleston is not filled with entertaining events - every day takes place in everyday worries, so for young people this town is not quite the right place. But nothing can be done, you had to think before.In the course of viewing, viewers will learn what each of the characters dreamed of, who they saw themselves in the distant future (movie stars, famous musicians, popular athletes), and how they came to such a simple result. Fate anyway, what are your plans boys and girls build, for people of a higher power is with the appearance of man on the light prepared for the global plan of a lifetime. Magnificent youth Comedy"Barber" will allow you to enjoy a variety of funny situations, love experiences of the main characters and how they spend every day. Enjoy watching and cheer for your favorite characters!

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