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The series, dubbed Code Lyoko. Evolution tells about dynamically unfolding events in two parallel worlds at once. There is, it turns out, not only our planet, but and its DoppelgangeR, - called Lyoko. Everything that happens on Earth is reflected in the parallel dimension, and Vice versa. So if the danger is Lyoko and soon to die, the inevitable death awaits humanity. Five brave teenagers living on Earth and studying in a simple school, on the distant Lyoko become real superheroes, capable of incredibly courageous actions.
Guys learn, that some powerful Computer intends to fully to seize power and destroy both planet. Then they boldly challenge the insidious enemy. They have to overcome many dangerous tests. However I will go they could win, having returned home heroes. Only for a short time they had to enjoy the results of valiant feats. Soon the Computer again tries to seize power and then the five brave guys decides to finally deal with the insidious villain. Buddies back in the parallel world and give decisive battle to the enemy.

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