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Near future. The rapid jump in innovative technologies. A long-standing dream of mankind has been realized. Time travel became available. Many willing men and women hurried to take advantage of this unique opportunity. They pursued different goals. One the traveller in time wanted to see with loved ones who have left this world. Others have tried to correct previous mistakes. Third travelers are simply attracted to the opportunity to be in an unusual environment, place and time, which was previously known only from books, TV shows, publications on the world wide web. there is a reason to move into the past and Samantha. In early childhood, the main character of the Collider was in an orphanage. The loss of parents was not the only shock. In the institution for orphans entered an unknown attacker. He tried to take Samantha's life. The girl was lucky, the malefactor managed to be detained and to transfer to police hands. The criminal went to prison for a long time. Matured Samantha suddenly realized that between the appearance of the killer and the death of her parents have some connection. The young woman is ready to be back in a situation where she was in mortal danger. She hopes to know the truth about her parents.

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