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Original Title: Collider Heroes
Channel: YouTube
Creators: Jon Schnepp
Language: English
Description: Betrayal of a loved one - the worst thing that can only be experienced. Michael Shaughnessy was one of the best CIA agents. He has many successful missions. His next task was the implementation of the Mexican group to gather information. The protagonist of the film "Lethal fall" was close to the end of the job, but was betrayed by best friend. Michael was flying on a plane with his friend, when he dropped it from a height of one and a half kilometers. It would seem that no one will be able to survive such a fall, but the hero was able to save his life. After recovering from serious wounds, Michael was ready to step onto the path of revenge. He did not abandon the idea of ??betrayal, and the hero is ready to go to the most extreme measures to find out the reasons of such behavior of his friend. However, to get to his friend, turned into an enemy, was not so simple. On the way to his goal man will meet dangerous killers hungry for his death.

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