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The creators of "Saw" continue to scare honest citizens horror stories about maniacs. How is already familiar from the first part of the collector, you can find the second part of the creepy thriller. Arkin, a professional thief accidentally caught in a maze of ingenious maniac, still managed to get out alive. He certainly understands that creepy Collector will not stop and will continue its intricate murder, but our hero is not eager for revenge, and a new meeting with a maniac in his plans not included. But the destiny disposes otherwise, and collectors are not so ready to just let go its prey. By Arkin drawn very wealthy gentleman with a very unusual request. His daughter got into the trap of a maniac, and a loving father is now going to a team that has to rescue the girl from the disaster. Arkin amenable to persuasion and once again finds himself in a spooky maze collectors, each turn which brings death and terror. Of course, our veteran thief already experienced conqueror of labyrinths maniac, but his enemy is clearly ready for a new meeting. "Collector 2" will tell what new traps procured specifically for Arkin.

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