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The second season continues to tell about the American astronaut Gordon Cooper, or rather about his map, which he managed to make and his friend now intends to find all these untold riches, which the man wrote. Darrell is sure that everything Gordon wrote about the real truth and all these data that he managed to find out should lead them to quite interesting objects, and at the same time make them very rich. At least the man very much wanted to believe in it and he in the eyes of a huge number of people goes in search of all these riches, the existence of which was able to prove a friend in life. He has already managed to get close to some of the objects and explore them, but no one is going to stop. Darrell doesn't stop even the fact that it can be very dangerous. Since it was always known that all such treasures so easy to get no one has ever managed, for all had to sacrifice something, and on something and did were ancient curses. But will he be able to find all these treasures, the existence of which was able to prove Cooper or he did not succeed? And what the man will wait on the way and whether he will be really glad that agreed to go to this travel?

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