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Quite unexpectedly, in the Laundry room, Betty appears a space ship that decides to stop right there. He comes out of a strange alien blue which, while he is dressed in a cat costume. He came here with a rather difficult mission, he intends to learn courage and become much stronger. After all, he has to save the Universe. As his teacher, he chooses Betty's pet, max's cat. The alien was sure that before him was a tiger who could train his courage. But in fact, it's not easy and Max is the most common spoiled, beloved, lazy cat, who does not even always want to get up and go to the kitchen to eat. but after getting to know this strange alien max completely changes his life and decides to actually become brave and courageous to show that He too can contribute to the salvation of the Universe. However, what will actually wait for this rather strange couple of friends and whether they have at least some chance to achieve their goal or they will not be able to become bold and brave to change the situation in the Universe? It is said that their adventures will be quite exciting and they themselves did not expect that one day their lives will change so much.

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