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We find ourselves in some backwater hamlet. It is raining outside. Suddenly, a roadside expensive car drove up, from which a sweet girl. It seems she had some problems, but it is safe to solve them herself. However, none of the young people around did not dare approach her to help. It remains now the wait for a new meeting. This story can turn into anything, because the main character is really attractive and very bright individuals who want to take a wife, perhaps, any young man. After another unpleasant trip she is in a hospital bed, which discourages that the memory for a long time. Chol Su - very resourceful and extremely cunning boy who decides to take this trouble. He had long been in love with a girl, so long as she does not remember anything, it is her husband, and then says that they have a strong love and, of course, a strong family. Man introduces the main character with its surroundings, which accompanies that. He says the beauty is that they live a long time together, so she has to get used to and to come back to the supposedly everyday life. Of course, she did not forget about the housework - cleaning and washing has not been canceled! What will happen when she finally remembered everything that came before? It seems the guy nesdobrovat but yet unexpectedly heroine like everything. She pulled into this false family life, forcing Chol Su think about this marriage. But if the guy dare to tell the truth?

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