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The anime series Cowboy Bebop is based on the eponymous manga template written by Hajime Yatate. The plot is set in the future and mixes classic science fiction elements with bits and pieces of film noir, westerns, kung fu and gangster drama. After a series of rings was built in 2021, by which it was possible for humanity henceforth to travel through hyperspace, has in the universe some changes. Due to a faulty design, however, a devastating accident that ultimately occurred that caused the Earth's surface became the uninhabitable desert of damnation.    Only in underground facilities, it was possible for humanity to survive. Accordingly, a majority of the population has fled to the newly developed planets and moons. The story of Cowboy Bebop begins in 2071 and tells the adventures of the crew of the spaceship Bebop. This consists of five members, including Spike Spiegel (Kôichi Yamadera), Jet Black (n / a), Faye Valentine (Megumi Hayashibara), Ed (Aoi Tada) and the Welch Corgi A. They are all bounty hunters called Cowboys, and plunge headlong into exciting adventures.    Main characters of Cowboy Bebop    Spike Spiegel (Kôichi Yamadera) was born on Mars and is 27 years old. Previously, he was an active member of the Red Dragon Syndicate. He has also been trained and has learned all the shooting and close combat techniques. Due to various reasons, however, he left the syndicate by faked his death. Now he is on the way as a bounty hunter.    Jet Black (n / a) is 36 years old and worked a long time ago as a police officer. Consequently, it is the exact opposite of Spike. As part of an insert Jet has lost one of his arms and now wears a cybernetic prosthesis. Well, it clips with Spike as a bounty hunter through the universe. Jet loves jazz, bonsai trees and also acts as a cook for the crew of the Bebop.    Faye Valentine (Megumi Hayashibara) is 23 years old and a game-addicted bounty hunter. Your vicious disposition is her regular undoing. In addition, Faye maintains a cold-hearted handling of all their social contacts. Faye is a determined woman who tried independently to conquer the universe. Nevertheless, she is haunted by inner fears.    Ed (Aoi Tada) is called with full name Edward Wong Pepelu Tivrusky IV, but is known by most people simply Radical Ed. She's a young girl, probably around 13 years old and was born on earth. Your name comes from a confusion, since her father was believed that his child can only be a son. Ed is a free spirit as he stands in the book.    A is the only member of the crew of the Bebop, which is not human. Instead, the four-legged thing of the dog breed Welsh Corgi and owes its unusual name none other than Albert Einstein. One comes from a laboratory and is called DataDog. Not least, it has an incredibly high IQ.    Background information about Cowboy Bebop    Cowboy Bebop celebrated on 3 April 1998 on Fuji TV premiered. The manga adaptation includes a total of one season with 26 episodes. They have a particular run length of approximately 25 minutes. After the format on Japanese television took several tries to be fully aired, was made in 2001, the English-language premiere on Adult Swim and 2003, finally, the German-language premiere on MTV. In Cowboy Bebop innumerable influences from pop culture past decades to be discovered. Thus the series of elements of film noir, kung fu, the gangster and the Western film is composed. In addition, the jazzy music plays an important role in the unconventional design of the action. Yōko Kanno was responsible for the atmospheric soundtrack, composed of a mixture of jazz and blues. (MH)

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