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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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Everyone knows that the investigation of crimes is not the easiest thing. The task of operatives and forensic experts to find as much evidence. These tips can tell the police about the identity of the offender, thereby facilitating the search. Criminology combines scientific methods, achievements in the chemical sphere, anthropology and medicine. To identify people for many years using one very important method – fingerprinting. With the help of fingerprints found at the crime scene can identify the identity of the offender. there are Cases when, despite the active work of employees, the investigation comes to a standstill. Not always collected evidence and testimony of witnesses can lead to the desired effect of the investigation. Besides, it often happens that witnesses and does not, as in other matters and evidence with physical evidence. In this case, there is only one way that can lead to the trail of the offender. This method is a behavioral analysis that allows you to identify the motives of the offender. Using this method of investigation, experts successfully investigate even the most complicated cases.