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Sid Munzinger is a grumpy old man from the new York suburbs, with traditional health problems for his age and rejection of the rapid life of immoral modern youth. Sid seems that if you do not notice the political and social changes taking place around the established realities of life, they will not be able to affect his comfortable world of the past. Previously, he was engaged in the creation of advertising slogans and seriously succeeded in this, and now he is going to publish his own book of small plays and stories. Conservative husband who supports his wife Kay, the same boring old lady. But one day to the spouses Munzinger comes assertive, brisk girl lenny. They are forced to shelter a noisy activist, an ardent human rights activist and, it seems, a fugitive criminal, at home, because they owe lenny's parents a service. The main characters of the series "the Crisis in six scenes" expect to survive she throws herself at the first opportunity, but quickly feels her young enthusiasm and even begin to respect the brave Che Guevara for open beliefs. And so much so that the elderly "revolutionaries" are encouraged to plan the escape of their new friend from the country to free Cuba, where she will be able to revive the bold ideas of Castro.

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