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Life is arranged so that sooner or later children leave the father's house to build their own lives, learn to make decisions and cope with difficulties. The same thing happened to Mike and Martina's daughters. Parents gave them everything they needed. Stella turned out to be an extraordinary person, with a bright creative character. The girl decided not to stop at the singer's career, becoming also an actress. Shay is the complete opposite sisters. She is smart, has read many books, rationally looks at the world around it.Mike and Martina are naturally upset that their daughters have left them. However, their move means for spouses the beginning of a new life. You can relax, return to your youth and enjoy the company of your beloved half, no need to set an example to the younger generation and take care of Breakfast.however, the second youth did not last long. This time the older generation decided to save the happy couple from loneliness by moving to their house. Some time later returned to Mike and Martin daughters. Stella is tired of the creative search for a boyfriend-slacker, and Shane was left without a scholarship. Along with the new tenants moving in their problems, complicated characters and care.

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