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Documentary and entertainment film project"Cuban chrome" will introduce the audience to several professionals-car mechanics, who have chosen a very unusual activity. The fact that the Cubans in question, are engaged in the repair and restoration of the amazing and original cars, which have become in other countries, except his native Cuba, these Museum exhibits.Until 2011, the country was in a state of cold war with the United States, and the inhabitants of Cuba was forbidden to import from America any kind of four-wheeled transport. To a greater extent, until the end of the 20th century, exports consisted of cars of Soviet brands, but to this day, when all the restrictions have long been removed, on the streets of the second capital of communism and capitalism, you can find very unusual models that defy description.It is with such rarities have to work heroes. If not for them, thousands of citizens would have walked on foot for a long time, but real professionals, most of the time devoted to self-improvement, always working for the benefit of society.

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