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  • Comedy
This serial Comedy is different from most similar projects. First, the main characters really believe, and secondly, almost half of the scenes in the TV series "Curb your enthusiasm" – not the incarnation of the ideas of the writers, and improvisation, which can not but rejoice. In addition, it is a semi – biographical story telling about the life of Larry David-a famous American writer and Director who decided to release a project about himself and his everyday life. Nothing special hero does not, but every day it turns out rich and interesting. Events of all the series unfold in a similar pattern: in the beginning of the story ties up several plot lines which in turn lead the viewer to the finale. Before our eyes, Larry argues with his wife, tries to resist the ambitions of his own agent, beats friends at Golf, builds mischief annoying neighbors – nothing supernatural, but the hero does it with his inherent grace. However, much more often a man is clumsy. His actions, he provokes various troubles, which he copes with. At the beginning of the 9th season, Larry decides to show Jeff, the script of the musical Comedy "Fatwa!", which he wrote based on the biography of Salman Rushdie. Among other things, the man will find a new assistant instead of sluggish Kerry.