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Home is at home playing in the fictional village of Upper Bavaria Lansing and tells of the adventures of the inhabitants of the village. The focus is especially the three families Brunner, Kirchleitner and Preissinger in the foreground. While Brunner's conduct an inn, the church Leitner tap in their brewing beer and the price Singers are responsible for both the gas station, and for the stand and repairing cars.    Main Characters from home is at home    Theresa Brunner (Ursula Erber) is senior manager in Brunnerwirt. She is selfless, but directly, which is why it is known in some villagers as 'poison root'. Her husband Theo has lost before about 50 years ago while climbing routes. You missed him today. Theresa is the heart and soul of the inn and always has an eye on everything that happens.    Annalena Brunner (Heidrun Gärtner) returned to the 60th anniversary of her father with her daughter Saskia to Lansing. Annalena helps in Brunnerwirt and carry out the corresponding butchery. The secret that Mike Saskia's father, she has guarded a long time but is now ready to confess it.    Rosi Brunner (Brigitte Walbrun) is a born Kirchleitnerin and is called since the wedding with Joseph Brunner. Rosi is a strong woman, but can often be stubborn. She supports her nephew Hubert anytime as a replacement mother for him. Her own daughter Elizabeth lived for some time in the monastery.    Hubert Kirchleitner (Bernhard Ulrich) passes together with spare mother Rosi and his uncle Martin, the brewery in Lansing. With his wife Maria, he was a happy husband for years, although he had as a young guy often more than a flame.    Mike Price Singer (Harry Blank) is the head of Lansigner auto repair shop and runs the gas station. Its current status it has built up over the years and even through his passion for vintage cars it was for him a clear path. Mike is happily married with Trixi and they have two children.    Trixi Preissinger (Doreen Dietel) hats in the village often not easy, because actually she is impressed by the glamor of the rich and famous. That's why she unceremoniously opened its own beauty salon in Lansing, so as to satisfy at least a portion of the gloss. Trixi gossips like and is very jealous, but you can rely on them forever.    Florian Brunner (Thommy Schwimmer) is the son of Vroni and Max Brunner. Florian loves to go to its limits, which is why he cooking up more and more tricks. As a typical teenager both fast cars and women fascinate him. Florian is working with Mike in mechatronics.    Lorenz Schattenhofer (Werner Rome) is the largest farmer in Lansing. For several years he was also the mayor's office. Lorenz often seems stubborn and hard, but has a soft heart and loving to Bulldog Louise and his Weibi.    Roland Bamberger (Horst Kummeth) is originally from Franconia and forwards the Lansinger pharmacy. He is also the gun club, plays in the marching band and volunteered for the fire department. Ifs a Lansinger goes bad, Roland is always there to help.    Vroni Brunner (Senta Auth) is the cook in Brunnerwirt. In the village it is known only as 'Zwieferl'. By marrying Max she is a true-Brunnerin. She just wants the best for her husband and her children, but never takes on a mince words.    Xavier (Michael Joiner) is the servant of Lorenz Schattenhofer. Although it often seems as though treat him Schattenhofer not good, the two understand that. Xavier is very popular in the village and is so called 'seer of Lansing'.