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  • Drama
In the court of the XIX century. In the center of the plot is a young guy named Daniel Deronda, who is the adopted son of an English aristocrat Hugo Mullinger. He has long had feelings for the capricious girl Gwendolen, who belongs to one of the noble British families, but does not dare to tell her about it.One day, taking a walk along the river, Daniel witnesses a terrible scene, as an unfamiliar girl tries to kill himself. Being a true gentleman, he can not afford to stay away and saves her from the cancer step. Young people get acquainted, after which Daniel learns that Mira moved to live in England from Israel. However, life in a foreign country was quite difficult, and desperate, she decided to commit suicide. Young people very quickly find common language, and become good friends. Daniel even decides to help the World to find her family, with whom she has long lost any connection. At the same time in the life of the hero come not the best of times. He learns that his beloved's family has gone bankrupt, and to continue to live in such a desirable luxury for her, Gwendolen is going to marry a wealthy Mr. Grancourt…

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