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Danni Lowinski (Annette Frier) is a trained hairdresser who has not fought in night school graduation. After her law degree she sets out to apply tour of the Cologne offices. No experience, no references - not a job! Her father Kurt (axel siefer) located after an accident in a wheelchair and lives with her in the small apartment, advises Danni to return to work as a hairdresser. But as quickly, it can not be beaten Danni.    When she visited her friend Bea (Nadja Becker), she has an idea: just opened her own law firm - here in the mall! Between parking garage elevator and Locksmiths they set up a table, two chairs and a sign, requires only one Euro per minute legal advice and is for all those who, although legal problems, but no money for an expensive lawyer. With impressive assertiveness and talent for improvisation Danni fights soon in court for little people in big trouble. Danni's just a woman for the little people with big problems.    is supported Danni Lowinski not only by her friend, but also by their neighbors in the shopping arcade. She quickly befriends them. Since the Persian Rasoul (Elyas M'Barek) which operates at a service key, and the masseur Nils (Oliver Fleischer). The two and her friend Bea, with time to Danni's staff who themselves like to want to help other people or Danni. Well-intentioned advice coming sometimes from the successful lawyer Dr. Oliver Schmidt (Jan Sosniok) who works in a law firm in the same building.    Main characters of Danni Lowinski    Danni Lowinski (Annette Frier) is the protagonist and titular protagonist of the series. Originally, she has learned the activities of a haircut, but now she wants to assert itself as a lawyer and sets this project with remarkable determination and considerable tireless into action.    Bea Flohe (Nadia Becker) operates in a coffee shop in the same Cologne passage in which also makes Danni first steps as a lawyer. Bea is simultaneously Danni's best friend and supports them in their ambitious projects.    Nils Polgar (Oliver Fleischer) lives in Cologne and runs a massage parlor. Later he works his way up the career ladder and becomes the operator of a practice for healing. He also tries to be a junk shop sellers and takes a job in childcare.    Kurt Lowinski (axel siefer) is Danni's father and sitting since a devastating accident in a wheelchair. Although he loves his daughter more than anything, he is initially little faith in Danni's plans to become a lawyer.    Rasoul Abbassi (Elyas M'Barek) is a young man of Persian descent and goes to the craft of a cobbler and key-maker. He works in the same shopping center as Danni and grabs her also active in the realization of their dream under the arms.    Background information on Danni Lowinski    When Danni Lowinski is a German television series that premiered on Sat.1 on 12 April of 2010. As the theme song the song Mouthwash English songwriter Kate Nash was used. The concept of the format comes from marc terjung who has already produced with Edel & Starck between 2002 and 2005 for specified channels, a legal drama. Danni Lowinski enjoys on Sat.1 convincing ratings and was awarded various film and television awards - including in 2010 with the German Television Award for Best Series and the German Comedy Award as Best Comedy Series including Best Actress. Sat.1 radiates Danni Lowinski the crime series Der letzte Bulle and even led the implementation of a crossover episode of the two formats, entitled Romeo and Juliet (The Last Cop - Season 4, Episode 12) in the way. (MH)

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