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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The series is remarkable because it is the first German project Netflix. "Darkness" is a dramatic story with elements of mysticism, revealing the most intimate secrets of the inhabitants of a small German city of Winden. The main character is a guy named Jonas. At the beginning of the first series, the teenager returns home after staying in a psychiatric hospital, where he got because of his father's suicide. Arriving, the young man learns, that two weeks ago gone missing his classmate. The mysterious disappearance provoked a lot of gossip. And the fact that the police can't find any evidence further intimidates the people of Winden. Jonas is most concerned about the fact that his mother is flirting with the chief of police. Wanting to calm his nerves a little, he and his friends go to the forest to find a place where Eric hid the drugs before the disappearance. As a result, the campaign will provoke a series of frightening and mystical events that somehow relate to the secrets that connect the four families of the old-timers. The serial film is designed in a unique mystical atmosphere, which keeps in suspense until the final of each episode.

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