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At the beginning of last season, we learned the story of young Max Guevara, who as a child managed to escape from a government organization called "Manticore". Here, scientists have tried to turn the main character of the series "the Dark angel" in a ruthless soldier who knows no pain and is able to fulfill any order. The irony looks like the beginning of the second season in which Max re-enters the lab, where she had once managed to escape. Here she meets a guy who is remarkably similar to Ben, but asks to call him "number 494" and the man-the dog Joshua. New friends having their own accounts with the organization, agreeing to help the girl to escape... Together they develop a desperate plan that is successfully implemented. After that, the heroine immediately goes to a meeting with Logan, not even knowing that very soon she will condemn him to a painful death... What exactly is going to happen? What does Manticore have to do with this? It's Max only to be seen.

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