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The events of the fantasy adventure series take us to 1193 and unfold in the Kingdom of Richard "lion Heart". The storyline of the series "the Dark knight" develops at a time when the king, along with his army returns home after another crusade, but is ambushed by the treacherous ruler of Austria. In the end, Richard, along with several of his best warriors, becomes the captive of enemies. They are taken to the king's castle, where they begin to torture to find out the location of the treasures of the English king. But all the knights unanimously declare that they have no artifacts, and even if they were, they would not have told about them. And only one of the knights decides to "help" their tormentors. He says that the treasure is actually there and it is now with them. Tancred has a view of Richard, because his country could pay a huge ransom! In the end, he is given three months, he went to England and returned with a bag of gold. In the hearts of prisoners of hope is instilled, but it will be in vain, because the Tancred will betray his friends, entering into an insidious conspiracy with the brother of the captive king.

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