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The governments of the world's States have always stirred up the atmosphere around the theme of the alien invasion of our world. A lot of art and fantasy paintings present us with different ways that can take advantage of the alien mind in an effort to enslave humanity, and now, the audience is recommended to view the next series from American Directors called"Dark skies".Representatives of a secret state organization, whose mission is to monitor the activities and possible invasion of"aliens", was found a living representative of an alien civilization. He managed to capture and interrogate, resulting in it becomes clear that among us for a long time working aliens. Thanks to more advanced technologies, they manage to subdue the human mind, not flaunting their activities. With this threat and to cope with the heroes of the series presented.John Longard to the aliens personal accounts, under their influence got his fiancée Kim, and now the man intends to personally take revenge on the evil"green men". But it will not be so easy, because John's former bosses intend to stop him, because. the hero can not only interfere with all the plans of the government, but also demonstrate to the community what a threat to humanity in fact. Panic can not be allowed, so Mr. Longard will have to fight on two fronts.

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