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Episode 1 - The friend: The year is 1776. In Hesse the war drum sounds. Landgraf Friedrich sold his subjects for the war of the English crown against the liberation movement of their American colonies. Kaspar, a son of a cobbler family Taste is employed by innkeeper Hempel as a kitchen boy and carries out a pitiful existence. His friend Emmerich, a former officer, he supplied with stolen tidbits from the innkeeper kitchen. As the English army comes to Hesse soldiers soul stirs in Emmerich. He awakens the dream of faraway America, where there is everything your heart desires at Kaspar. So he persuaded him to sign up as a volunteer. However, Kaspar does not know that his friend Emmerich, with whom he shared dreams of great adventures, sold it seven dollars. Of this money he buys back his uniform, the innkeeper Hempel has retained as a deposit. Together they escape their miserable existence. Emmerich is Kaspars captain. Kaspar still considers him his friend and trusted him. Therefore Emmerich can bring him to provide informers with his him another foreign comrades. From the fortress Ziegenhain from the long journey to America to begin. On the long and grueling walk there the student Anselm tried to escape. Kaspar betrays him. Ambrose Schmelzel, a somewhat older barber and doctor who wants to take over the medical care of the soldiers to the comrades, a new volunteer joins.    Episode 2 - Mercenaries: From Ms. fortress commander Dietzel selected as a kitchen boy, he witnesses how her Mopshündchen is spoiled meat while the soldiers are starving. Kaspar recommends to catch the pug and eat. During the search of the soldiers ordered from the beet king the dog collar is found. Ms. fortress commander orders then to hang him. The consumptive old Kutz takes action on and discharged. Kaspar asks for his supposed friend Emmerich mercy for Kutz. The captain ordered then to throw Kaspar in prison. Kaspars mother shares with Graf von der Lippe in a letter that Kaspar was at that time sold by Emmerich and is personally auditioned with the regiment. The Count orders Emmerich, to solve the problem, otherwise his major patent is at stake. When the mother arrives, Emmerich blackmailing her with the fact that Kaspar to be hanged for aggravated robbery when they do not sign a voluntary statement. The mother does the fear and Kaspar is brought from the dungeon. Emmerich succeed Kaspar with his dreams of America and that nothing will happen to him as a regimental drummer, promising to take back for themselves. His first appearance as a drummer is the execution of the old Kutz because of the dog murder. Then Kaspar, Emmerich swears up in despising all eternity and to take revenge. After a long, grueling march comrades come finally to the sea and embark on the long journey to America. On the ship Kaspar love with the girl Gundel. On board were scurvy is spreading and many comrades fall of this disease to the victim. Also Gundel will befall them. In order to save her life, Kaspar reports as a servant to Captain Emmerich, in order to get food and fruit for Gundel way. However, he vows to exchange a word with him. The plan succeeds and Gundel is healthy again.    Episode 3 - The rebels: A lot had to happen before Kaspar recognize the enemy in Emmerich. but the beet king, Anselm and Schmelzel have become for him good friends. After the arrival of soldiers in foreign America the camp of Hessen is attacked by the rebels. Kaspar believes that in one of the cars is kidnapped Gundel and pursued the rebels. You have to assassinate Emmerich, who has since become Major perpetrated. Kaspar inadvertently becomes the savior of the majors, and a reward is him Emmerich the captured rebel available. The prisoner is a German from Arnstadt. Major Emmerich orders to shoot all prisoners before departure of the regiment. Kaspar can escape his prison and reported to the Major that he shot him in the water. Between the rebels and the Hessian Regiment a fierce battle is taking place. Anselm can not keep up in battle and is stabbed in cold blood by Emmerich. During these three days dies Schmelzel, and Kaspar is suffering from serious fainting. After his recovery, his decision to General Washington strengthens overflowing, more and more. New Year's Eve they set out on sixth to cross the Delaware, where the ice starts to break. Their escape is discovered, Major Emmerich pursuing. After he shot at Gundel, there is a struggle between Kaspar and Emmerich. The major one breaks and Kaspar stand idly as he drowns. When they finally reached their destination and be received by the rebels, Gundel succumbs to her gunshot wound. Kaspar plunges into boundless rage against the Major. As punishment he is to be buried three days. Schmelzel asks the major to leave Kaspar with him because he helps him in the care of the wounded. Because fraternization Major impose the same punishment on him.

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