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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Family
Life could be so beautiful: in January, in his father and columnist, lives with his wife Sara and their two children Carla and Nick in a beautiful apartment and for the time being not concerned about financial hardships must make.    His life may be manageable, but he feels comfortable - at least to the point at which puberty knocks on the door. Suddenly, a monster of feelings breaks out of Carla and the 13-year-old developed an unexpected talent for the drama of the great variety. Henceforth, not a day passes without whimsy Rumgezicke. The domestic peace is out of the game and Jan has no idea how he as a father should behave now.    The main characters of PubertierJan (Pasquale Aleardi) has made themselves comfortable with his family and wants to enjoy life. But when his daughter reaches puberty, he threatens to lose control.    Sara (Chiara Schoras) is Jans wife. Together they have two children, Sara has brought up loving. However, in the case of puberty she is just as hopelessly lost her husband.    Carla (Mia Kasalo) is 13 years old and thus at the perfect age for puberty. Whether it likes it or not Carla. Suddenly she feels feelings she does not understand, and the world is upside down.    Nick (Levi iron sheets) is Carla's younger brother, and still far from puberty. However, it should not be long before even sparked a dispute between the two siblings. (MH)

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