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Today David Attenborough and his team are studying the phenomenal ability of many living organisms to fly. How is it that evolution has given one a chance to soar under the clouds, and others deprived him forever?The film crew will go to the depths of centuries-300 million years ago and will find the origins of the first flights of living beings. About 100 billion modern living beings can soar in the sky, this tiny Hummingbird, feeding on nectar, and huge, with a wingspan of 3 meters, birds of prey. This dragonfly and amazing winged lizard, bat, perfectly oriented in space thanks to the echo-locator, and stunning in its splendor tropical butterfly. What do they have in common?The authors of the film will visit the most remote corners of the planet again., visit the jungles of Borneo and the rocks of China. 4 wings of dragonflies – the oldest known science of wings, the exact same was found during the excavations, scientists estimate that 150 million years. We can safely say that the dragonfly is an amazing living fossil.Beetles lay their wings under the shell, approaching the task carefully, like a parachutist. About 57 million years ago, the first butterflies appeared, mother nature is so generous with bright colors that their species can not be counted. The first birds originated from flying lizards and 4-winged dinosaurs. Evolution is an endless process.

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