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An entertaining program about the fascinating world of wildlife through the eyes of the legendary documentarian and naturalist sir David Attenborough. The project is dedicated to the exciting shooting in which David took part. The series focuses on the changes that wildlife has undergone over the past 50 years under the influence of civilization. In spite of everything, nature does not give up its position, repeatedly rebuffing man. In each new issue, sir Attenborough reveals the secrets of the most mysterious and intriguing creatures, their interaction with other animals and plants. In addition, the viewer will be able to see how different evolutionary paths can go animals of the same species, as well as completely different creatures with completely opposite characteristics survive in cold or unbearable heat.Sir David Attenborough began his work on BBC in 1952. At that time he did not have a TV, and he saw only one program in his life. It is noteworthy that David is not particularly fond of animals, but fascinated by them and highly admired. He is also one of the most traveling people in the world. For the filming of only one series of programs"life of birds" he had to overcome about 412 thousand km.