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When we first met the main characters of the colorful and exciting animated series " the Croods Family. Beginning", they had to find a new home-a number of natural disasters forced them to leave the old valley. Fortunately, the long house, they did not have to search - the Croods settled in a nearby valley. But new life requires a lot of effort. It all started with a conflict with the newly neighbors. However, disagreements began to arise only in adults, and the kids Krudsov even liked the move, because they had the opportunity to change the image and get the desired reputation. Euch immediately became the most popular in school, because no one knew that before he was a real loser. And Grug with new buddies even learned to fight my fear of water. All overshadowed only harmful neighbors Boors. But with the start of season 2, we learn that the main characters will have many other challenges not related to the people living next door! Greg suddenly to themselves and others decides to commit suicide, was he serious? The rash behavior of sandy and all the inhabitants of the alley sets against the Croods. With certain difficulties faced in the Ehr, who fell in love with the most beautiful classmate...

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