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Probably every second person on earth loves the sea. Indeed, sandy beaches, romantic walks, the sound of the surf – all this is able to conquer any romantic or just a connoisseur of beauty. And how wonderful to soak up the waves in the sun ... but few have seen the sea as it is shown in the film"the deadly catch." The life of sailors, what it is, unvarnished with all its hardships, storms, icy winds opens before the audience in each new series. In the far Aleutian Islands, several teams of fishermen hunt crabs in the far North. Constant winds that can knock down an adult and a strong man, harsh rocks and a constant risk to life – all this is their fate, which they obediently follow, not going to change anything. Mining crustaceans-it is extremely exciting, but terribly difficult, because they live in really dangerous crevices, or even ice water on the coast. But the teams do not give up, because there is a hunt for the main prize in these competitions. They have long been accustomed to such a rhythm of work and are well aware of all the possible dangers and limits of their own body. But the worst – at any time, you can begin the real Northern storm, who is able to smear any ship on the rocks. If this happens, none of the seafarers will be able to return home safe and sound.