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We go on an incredible journey together with the ordinary character in the history of anime. The main character - Akira Ono, but no, he is not just a schoolboy, which in the genre of a dime a dozen, but a simple man who works and loves to relax after cases, doing the passage of computer games. Of course, a man with great interest is interested in an online RPG. In Asia, it is one of the most popular leisure activities. It would seem that with such a simple and does not stand a man hardly anything at all could happen, but the destiny disposes otherwise: the main character is somehow incredibly appears in the body of his computer hero. He finds himself in a magical world full of amazing creatures and dangerous enemies. Play the keyboard in this game is much easier than to take part in the battles, so Akira tries to be careful and use the extensive knowledge of the game in their favor. Soon the young people to get acquainted with a cute girl, with whom will go to a great trip in search of the King of the Demons. As it turned out, the evil antagonist is not such a bad guy. Let him in appearance and looks like a typical demon, but at heart he is - a simple and good-natured character, though anti. Now what to do with it?

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