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The German-language comedy television series The little man is a media satire that was first broadcast in eight parts on the TV station ProSieben in 2009. The electrical specialist retailers Rüdiger Bunz excited by his absolute mediocrity interest advertising agency employee Lydia. As a typical average Joe, it fits perfectly with the advertising campaign for a liquor brand called The little man. As Rüdiger appears in the TV ad, he is taken quickly to local fame among his fellow man and is increasingly being recognized on the street. But the dubious fame goes to his head quickly and it is difficult for him to stay on the carpet.    Main characters of the little man Rüdiger Benz (Bjarne Mädel) introduces trivial, retired life and works as a salesman at an electronics retailer. His life changes at a stroke when he is the advertising face of a liquor manufacturer. Now he is approached on the street and get to know relevant C-celebrities. Suddenly Rüdiger invitations to talk shows and a TV station receives want to shoot a home story about the suddenly famous Rüdiger.    Lydia (Karoline Eichhorn) the employees of an advertising agency and Rudiger Benz has accidentally discovered the face of liquor advertising. As these moves by the sudden interest in him increasingly in the public eye and also provides with negative headlines for riots, considered the business woman as they can restore the image of the "normal people" Rüdiger Benz in order not to lose the contract of liquor manufacturer , (JB)

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