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  • Crime
The idiosyncratic chief investigator Schumann who lives for his profession, puts himself under time pressure. He wants to solve the felony that confront him with the everyday life and fate of many people from different walks of life, as soon as possible. In the Presidium there is a noticeable collegiality and mutual respect. The 31-year-old Anne Vogt, mother of a daughter, and Henry Weber, sometimes negatively impact the 29-year-old said in their daily suffering of the families that support their extraordinary chef whose professionalism they very much appreciate with great dedication. Although they know his way of working, they are always impressed by his boundless energy with which he works on the investigation. The criminological knowledge that it is within the first 48 hours after the fact, most likely the perpetrator to get on the track seems to sit at his biological laws repealed. He calls himself and his team, and seems to feel no need for sleep during the busy night shifts. Obsessively searching for the answer to the questions driving him, why exactly this man was the victim of a brutal crime. What interests him is that fateful connection to the perpetrators of this person has been fatal. Schumann, who has a fine mind and extraordinary intelligence, without being arrogant, know how to promote the skills of its employees and to use while conducting the well-established team with his natural authority. Anne and Henry know little about the private life of her boss. Although they have been working together for several years, it remains un-transparent. Sometimes they suspect that Schumann's appreciation for the attractive prosecutor Lara Solovjev applies not only to their profes-chen competence. But it's only a guess.