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After ten years of absence, Stefan Vollmer, a passionate teacher, back to his profession. However, he soon realizes that it is not always approaching peacefully at the comprehensive school Georg Hoff sword. In the corridors anarchy and the students dance teachers on the nose. Time that Stefan calm brings to the store.    At the beginning of the second season, the teaching staff changes at the comprehensive school. Above all, the new teacher Karin Noske has done to Stefan. The two find each other attractive, but Karin has a fiance.    At first, the third season the neighboring secondary school burns down and the overall school Georg Hoff sword must absorb the secondary school students, after which it will only get messier.    Main characters of the teacher    Stefan Vollmer (Hendrik Duryn) is a teacher of German, science and sport at the comprehensive school Georg Hoff sword. He is not a typical teacher and some may have doubts about his unconventional teaching methods. In students Stefan but is popular and tried everything to support them outside of the classroom.    Karin Noske (Jessica Ginkel) has come nei the total school and has Stefan Vollmer done the same. With their direct, but also charming way it falls below the other teachers. Although there is an obvious attraction between the two, the two their feelings can not admit and live a kind of love-hate relationship.    Günther Rose (Ulrich Gebauer) is the principal of George Sword Hoff. he sometimes has doubts about Stefan's methods, but knows that he is a good teacher. The two are good friends.    Karl Sievers (Rainer Piwek) is also a teacher at the comprehensive school. Karl is often awkward and still lives with his mum. For the students, he often has difficulty to prevail. When the new teacher Barbara Knopmacher arrives at school, he feels the need for the first time to stand on its own.    Rüdiger Matuschek (Matthias Klimsa) is another teacher at the School Georg Schwerhoff. He is also friends with the other members of the faculty, but is mostly uninvolved.    Background information on the teacher    The first season of the RTL series The teacher was produced in the year of 2007. Two years later, the eight episodes were broadcast because they wanted to be guided by the interest of the audience. After broadcasting the first season, the series was canceled due to poor rates. 2011, however, RTL decided to remake the series. The episodes were extended from 25 to 45 minutes and some new protagonists and characters were added. (LM)

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