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Everything has changed, only the bull does not. The 20th century horror for someone must be to the end of the 80 fell into a permanent coma. When he wakes up, everyone has their own computer, a private mobile phone and every guy has become a wimp. Mick's wife Lisa has a new, and for his daughter Isabelle, he is a stranger. but for media, he is the favorite and he can return to his old job. There, the narrow-minded youngster and partners Kringge and the police psychologist Tanya Haffner expect. Both should help him on the way to new life. But Mick is all matter. For him, only his own rules. He is a simple, open type. He says what he thinks, even if his tone here is a bit rougher. However, so that it is always the point of embarrassment, even the nuisance. It seems that there are only two possibilities: either changes Mick or his environment - bad deal for the environment!    Main characters of The Last Cop    Mick Brisgau (Henning Baum) is shot when using the late 80s and then falls into a coma for several years. When he wakes up, he has to first of all to adapt to the 21st century. Meanwhile, he is still in search of the truth. Who then shot him and why?    Andreas Kringge (Maximilian Grill) is very different from the police from Mick's old. He's showpiece officials and meticulously adheres to all the rules, in short for Mick Andreas a total wimp, with whom he has to get together for better or worse.    Tanja Haffner (Proschat Madani) is a police psychologist and therapist Mick. So that it is facing a real challenge as Mick neither stops nor agreed dates unpacks great in the meetings.    Uschi (Tatiana Clasing) is Barfrau and hostess in Mick pub. Uschi and Mick understand each other well and help each other in difficult situations.    Martin Ferchert (Helmfried of Lüttichau) has worked in the 80s together with Mick and the two were good friends. 20 years later, much has changed. Also Ferchert has become the flagship policemen and Mick recognizes no longer the man he once was in it.    Roland Meisner (Robert Lohr) works in the police as a forensic pathologist and forensic scientist. He also knows Mick from before, but the mood between the two is worse than ever. For Roland has comforted his wife during Mick's absence.    Isabelle Brisgau (Luise Risch) was a baby when her father Mick after an exchange of fire for 20 years fell into a coma. Now she is a grown woman who sees her father not in Mick but in Roland.    Background information on Der letzte Bulle    The last bull is next to Danni Lowinski with Annette Frier one of the most successful series. Since April 2010, the crime series is broadcast on satellite first Meanwhile, the series even on Italian television under the name Last Cop - L'ultimo sbirro shown. In the 12th episode of the fourth season, there was a crossover of the two series.    2011 there was a nomination for the German Television Award for Best Series, but lost to Weissensee. A year later The last bull in the same category against Borgia and The crime scene cleaner was able to prevail. (LM)

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