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The film" the Apocalypse Derren brown" (Derren Brown: Apocalypse) consists of only two series, and aims to teach people to appreciate life. Derren brown, a famous psychologist and illusionist, decided to create a real Apocalypse for one person. He developed a plan according to which this one person was to be the one who will pass a special casting. However, no one should know about anything, so the selection was carried out allegedly for a television show. And here was the man who thoughtlessly and useless lives his life. It turned out to be a young guy Stephen, living with his parents, doing nothing and periodically drinking in a bar.This is so to say a draw was involved not only family and friends of Stephen, but those with whom he is not personally acquainted. For example, radio presenters, astrologers, TV presenters and ordinary people. They most likely played their roles and made sure that the main character believed in everything. Derren brown created such a situation as if an asteroid had arrived on earth and brought an unknown and incurable virus. Many died, and remaining in survivors, too, not insured from death. This" Apocalypse" should teach Stephen to appreciate not only his own, but also someone else's life, as well as to teach compassion and mutual help.

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