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"Destination-truth" is a great educational film creation, telling about the real paranormal phenomena in the modern world. Trying to unravel the mysteries of ancient tombs, places of pilgrimage and amazing buildings, leading Josh gates travels across all continents to weed out really beyond the reasonable cases of fictional legends that were born thanks to human rumor and unconfirmed rumors.Chupacabra, Iguanodon, Bigfoot, El Pombero-humanoid and extinct creatures excite the minds of ordinary people, but the brave American is ready to shed light on the secrets that are associated with the legends about the existence of strange entities. The inquisitive viewer will be able to learn about the deadly danger that lies in the abandoned Japanese city of Haboro, as well as get exclusive data about ghosts in a Panamanian prison, allegedly living in a building for the detention of prisoners. A similar investigation will be conducted in the ancient city of Pompeii, where in the rocky area people hear disembodied voices and see ghostly phenomena. New Ghostbusters will tell shocking documentary stories with a colorful mystical hue, from which the blood run cold.

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