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main characters    Dharma Freedom Finkelstein-Montgomery (Jenna Elfman)    Dharma that was taught by their parents at home, is an optimist, trying to see in all a good thing. A regulated profession in the traditional sense, it is not for it during the day trained dogs and works evenings as a yoga teacher. Their spontaneity and openness like Greg, but irritate him.    Gregory Clifford "Greg" Montgomery (Thomas Gibson)    Greg studied at the universities of Stanford and Harvard and is a lawyer. Throughout the series, he opened his own law firm and worked later for Montgomery Industries, the company of his father. Greg is a rather meticulous, reserved and somewhat stodgy character who developed a penchant for sarcasm throughout the series.    Katherine "Kitty" Montgomery (Susan Sullivan)    Greg's mother Kitty is a high-society lady. With Dharma lifestyle and social background they can not do much, and with their snooty way she makes sometimes their environment life difficult. Kitty is originally from a small town, until her father founded a chain of gas stations. Nevertheless, it has retained a certain kindness and sometimes shows a good heart.    Edward "Ed" Montgomery (Mitchell Ryan)    Greg's father Edward is an entrepreneur and, unlike his wife Kitty he been able to gain the high society and Kitty's charities not much. He much prefers to drink a good Scotch, what he is doing more often, the more he gets angry about his wife. He remains calm in exciting situations. His hobbies include golf and sailing.    Abigail "Abby" Kathleen O'Neil Finkelstein (Mimi Kennedy)    Dharma mother Abby O'Neil, ornithology and culture studied by "natives" is a person in need of harmony and living in harmony with Mother Earth. She has, in contrast to Greg no problem in discussing sexual issues in his presence with Dharma. She is also convinced vegetarian and animal rights activist. In one episode she marries - after 30 years of "wild hippie marriage" - after Larry and carries henceforth the name O'Neil Finkelstein.    Myron Lawrence "Larry" Finkelstein (Alan Rachins)    Larry is Dharma's father, often due to regular cannabis use has memory gaps. He is paranoid, authority and state power refuses and always has an open ear for various conspiracy theories. At the same time, he enjoys - much to the dismay of his wife - the luxurious life if he is staying at Greg's parents. His vegetarianism is just lip service, since he likes to eat meat, but it tries to hide from Abby.    Jane Deaux-Cavanaugh (Shae D & # 8217; Lyn)    Jane Deaux is Dharma best friend; the two get to know as Dharma calling strangers to "meet new people". She goes just as "light" through life as Dharma and is always ready a craze among the public to participate. The name Cavanaugh it assumes when she married over Pete series.    Peter "Pete" James Cavanaugh (Joel Murray)    Pete is Greg's colleague and best friend. In contrast to the Harvard graduate Greg Pete studied law in the Caribbean in the "Bob Marley School of Law" and is generally the opposite of a competent and successful attorney and workaholics. Pete is generally a superficial type, also with regard to be more sexually motivated relationship with women. So marriage is with Jane short-lived. He lives in an almost empty apartment with a massage chair, a large TV, several porn movies and his cat.

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