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  • Genres:
  • Drama
Violetta was born in the province and all her life dreamed of leaving this boring city for her and moving to a larger one, where she can achieve much greater heights in life. And at one point she decides to take all the savings of parents and go to new York. The girl was sure that there certainly will absolutely come true all her dreams and she will be able to get all what she only dreamed of. However, unfortunately the city does not accept it as well as we would like and over time she realizes what a mistake she made. But she does not intend to give up and thanks to her catchy appearance she very quickly begins to frown rich men and receive from them everything she only dreams of. for A long time everything was going according to plan and she got not only attention from the side, but also a lot of money, so she could not deny herself anything. Only now she did not take into account the moment that neither she behaves in this way. And in its time, when she faced two quite influential people, she understands that in one of them she have applied, truth here is girl and to imagine could not, that this a man will also as and she hides its true the essence of and their the true intentions. What will her excessive love for money and disrespect for other people's feelings and values lead to?

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