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The series, which takes place in the XIX century in London, will bring together a lot of characters from the works of the famous English novelist Charles Dickens, who became classics of world literature. Closely intertwining the fate of different characters in a single city, the creators of the series will show us their interpretation of the events described in the immortal works.The plot of the series will be divided into several intertwining stories. The first will tell us about the Havisham family. A young girl Amelia after the death of his father inherits his entire business, which causes a storm of indignation from her brother Arthur, who expected to get his share. He sends the sister of his sidekick Meriwether to peacefully tried to resolve the conflict. But, as Amelia puts it over the door, and Arthur Meriwether decide to destroy his father's business. The second will tell about inspector Bucket, who investigates the murder of one of the heroes. In the third older sister, Francis, who became the mistress of a family, Barberi, discovers that her younger sister Honoria secretly meets with captain James Autonom who squander all their money gambling. The fourth will tell about the life of the poor, but grateful for all that they have a family of Pretzels. And in the fifth we learn about the life of little Nell and her grandfather, who is passionate about gambling.

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