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Original Title: Die Kommissarin
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: ARD
Creators: Eva Zahn
Description: It is in high school teenagers begin to realize themselves as a Mature person. Isaac did his best to be normal. He attended all the parties, got addicted to Smoking weed with friends and went after the girls. They always bought into his natural charm and warm smile. Isaac would like to meet the perfect girl and build a relationship with her, but that's just no one could interest him enough. Isaac met Emma and knew immediately what she liked. They even ended up in the same theater group. But he hadn't tried to be interested in a new friend, his attention was invariably steal the new guy from the third year named Evan. He was beautiful, charming and very sociable. Emma Merkle in the background and ceased to be relevant. But is that right? Isaac had no idea what it meant to admit homosexuality and enter into a relationship with a guy. His mother is very religious and his father is conservative. What say friends, who have long had the reputation as a real womanizer? Isaac did not know if he was ready for such a change in life. But Evan had been patient and did not push. However, it had to have been another reason. Shirt-guy carefully kept the secret, able to change everything…

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