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Original Title: Die Kommissarin
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: ARD
Creators: Eva Zahn
Description: A little background: you probably heard about such a famous person as Ichabod crane, if not, in short, he lived in the distant 18th century and was engaged in investigations of all sorts of strange incidents that went beyond reason. It should be noted that in his life there was not a little supernatural, but the most interesting thing that actually brought him worldwide fame , was the capture of a sinister Rider without a head, but Yes these two individuals are closely connected with each other, it was Ichabod tasked with the task of catching the bloody killer, but to catch and give the legal court of the villain did not work, the only way to calm his ardor was a mortal combat, as a result of which the rider was beheaded (after all, bullets for him were only a mosquito bite), and Ichabod lethally wounded and in further buried. If You haven't guessed, the 18th century was not the end, the story finds its continuation in our time, and about this series, and even had a voice and leadership positions. Now no one fights with swords and Ichabod will have to learn the skills of new modern weapons and communication with people. On our site you can already watch the series of Vivid impressions and pleasant viewing !

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