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Xia Chi is trying to find his beloved, who suddenly disappears. However, all his attempts to get at least somehow on it than not crowned. As the hero tried, he couldn't even find anything about it. One he hadn't asked if they had seen it, they only shrugged and said that is the first time I hear about this girl. Xia Chi thought it was strange and he decided that he just had to continue his search, then he would be able to find her and find out all the details of the location. Soon he manages to find out the name of one game, with which he wants to start his search. from the beginning, this toy called "Die now" causes the guy a huge number of questions. But the more he finds out about that world, the more he understands that it is directly related to what happened to his girlfriend and what she had to go through. The guy understands that if he does not hurry, then at such a pace his beloved will die and he will never see her again. What will Xia Chi do and will he have time to find his beloved before it's too late? And why she was the victim of this confusing circle and fell into the trap of this strange game, from which it is necessary to stay away?

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