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Many prefer cars on gasoline, not on diesel fuel and brothers Diesel are sure that they do it very much in vain as simply underestimate on what these cars are capable actually. The brothers decided to prove to the world how exciting can be a trip on such a vehicle that you can actually expect from such a machine. They are constantly coming up with something interesting, talk about what can be done that no one knows about these models and what will not tell neither the Internet nor any other sources. With these brothers certainly will not be bored. They are so fond of their work that they are ready to talk about it with passion for days on the fly, invent something, experiment and test. They will show amazing things, a variety of devices and a lot of interesting things. Well, if you are the same huge fan of diesel cars, then surely look to them in the store, where you can see a lot of interesting things. Brothers will tell you about many things, so if you have no idea what and when you can be useful, the brothers will give an answer to everything. What did they prepare for the audience this time and what will they share with us, and maybe even show a fascinating experiment?

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