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If you ever remember the image of a funny skeleton, which told the audience "tales from the crypt", this fantastic TV series just have to your taste. The first season of the series "Dimension 404" consists of six episodes. Each series is a separate story, with its heroes and plot twists and turns. But all the events revolve around the virtual world, which is now available to everyone. People are so used to the Internet that they do not see it as a threat, although it is... Speech in this scientific anthology will focus on digital technologies. However, the creators have moved a little away from the realities of our world - events will take place in an alternative reality, where there are many unusual technologies for modern man. The main idea of the project is that if you rely on technology, it can lead to unexpected consequences. In the first series, the main character will be a guy named Adam, positioning himself as a talented blogger. The young man's life was quite successful, but he's very lonely, which often looks for interlocutors in the network. When he decides to find a girl with the help of an ultra-modern mobile application, he can not imagine what shocking things will happen to him because of this...

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