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The medieval Kingdom of Dreamland is inhabited by fabulous animals. There are trolls, harpies, ghosts and even idiots. Many strange creatures live in the vast territory of the Kingdom, but the troubles do not know. Because the king is kind, and loves the only daughter. Princess Bean is known far beyond the Palace-for its immediate character and eccentricity. The wayward maiden as if was born not in the lock, and in the wood-therefore behaves accordingly wildly. having Decided that it is time to stop the carefree life of the girl, the King announces the search for the groom. There are many contenders-in the end, the Princess's husband will become the next ruler of the whole country. However, the Bin on this account different opinion — having quarreled with his family, she leaves her chambers. Bean is sure that he will be able to prove — she does not need any husband. Together with friends, she goes on a long journey. She is joined by elf, Elfo, known playful in nature, and demon Lucy. Accustomed to the luxurious life of a person will face the realities of ordinary satellites, will lead a lot of new acquaintances and get to your destination.

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