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Sometimes we are literally driven into the framework that dictates our society, the usual circle of communication and our family. Against the demands and norms set by others, as well as their expectations, it is not so easy to go. For some, this is an impossible task. And what if the implementation of the cherished dream is at stake? For the main character of the series, a girl named Sandae, the dream is a guiding star in life, and in order to follow her, the girl is ready to go to all that it would not cost her. And what dream can such a young person have? despite the fact that sandae looks fragile and vulnerable, She dreams of becoming a police officer, but you need to get a serious education. The heroine was born and raised in a traditional Indian family, so from childhood knows that the proportion of women is that they simply do not have the right to dream. But the girl did not stop. Defying their relatives, Sundae, after school, went to study. She doesn't care what they say around – the main thing that this move brought her to the realization of the dream. After a time, the heroine is married to a loved one. Nothing else seems to stand in her way, but she has yet to make the most important decision of her life.