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The thirteen-part series based on an idea by Jeffrey O & # 8217; Kelly back. The stories, however, were not devised by him, Richard Carpenter, who was in charge namely, inter alia, Catweazle created. In addition there was for Doctor Snuggles several guest writers such as also the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams.    main characters    Doctor Snuggles' trademarks are his umbrella, his watch ticker and his bow tie. He is known for his friendly manner, his helpfulness and his optimism. In the English version it the way Sir Peter Ustinov lent his voice.    Dennis, the badger is, unsurprisingly, a badger. He has been cozily, can speak and wearing blue overalls. He is also very smart and tech-savvy.    Miss Hilde cleanly is Snuggles housekeeper. It is rather skeptical.    Krick-Krack is occasionally somewhat ill-tempered lab of Doctor Snuggles. If it has once caught a less good day, then it comes ever before that it denied admission Snuggles.    Nibbler, the mouse has a penchant for cheese, is lazy and brings others frequently in trouble. There are often squabbles with Miss clean.    Kosmokatze is Doctor Snuggles cosmic assistance in particularly difficult situations    Oma Kuschel is a loving lady Snuggles girlfriend and cat lover. In her the Kosmokatze lives.    Mathilde doses catcher consists of cans and garbage, can not speak and is to be Miss neat assist.    Wilhelma wine vinegar is a good-natured witch, however, is sometimes a little disgruntled. Is their mood, however good, it helps Doctor Snuggles occasionally with her magic skills.    Professor Emerald, however, is an evil magician who is virtually the opposite of honest and sincere Snuggles.    Willi the fox and Carlie rat's head are rather nasty characters who always try to rob or Doctor Snuggles to play a trick on him.

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