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An action-Packed melodramatic television series in the best traditions of the genre"dorama" from Directors hon John-Chan and Chin Heck. This complicated story about politics and human relations dates back to the nineties of the last century, when the talented South Korean heart surgeon Park Chul and his eight-year-old child went to Pyongyang to help treat Kim Il-Sung, whose serious illness could have caused a serious armed confrontation in the region. He managed to save the life of the leader, but even in spite of such an extraordinary act, the way home was closed forever. As time passed, his son Park Hong grew up and entered the Pyongyang medical Institute, where in addition to comprehending the wisdom of thoracic surgery, he falls in love with the charming Song Jae-Hee. However, their happiness did not last long, because the girl together with her entire family sent to jail, suspecting treason. This event becomes a strong shock for the main character, and his subsequent employment in a specialized center, where they are engaged not only in the treatment of patients, finally overwhelms the Cup of his patience, forcing him to look for the slightest opportunity to escape from the DPRK. But, even after returning to South Korea, he feels only useless foreigner, being unable to demonstrate his outstanding medical talent. Then he decides to get any job, because to find and save his beloved disappeared he needs an impressive amount of money.

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