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The British drama series "Pride and Prejudice" is based on the classic work of the writer Jane Austen. This work is about love and the difficulties that occur in the way of this light feeling. Especially when the court is the Victorian era with its numerous prohibitions and social conventions. The novel was repeatedly filmed, and this series is recognized by many as the most successful adaptation.nnThe family of the landowner Mr. Bennet lives in the English province. Family respected, but not the richest. But even this small fortune can float away from the hands of the Bennets. The head of the family has five children, and all daughters. Therefore, if he will suffer a sudden death, the inheritance will receive a distant relative unfamiliar to them on the male line. Mrs. Bennet is concerned about this prospect, so she is seriously concerned to have time to attach daughters.nnI think the chance of that comes when Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, very wealthy gentlemen, move in next door to the Bennets. The eldest of the sisters, charming Jane easily falls in love with Bingley. But his friend Darcy was not like this misalignment, so he strives to prevent the impending engagement. That's just, to his misfortune, he falls in love with the other sister – the proud Elizabeth.